Art and Jewelry provide the best opportunity to show off the truly incredible beauty of Agatized Dinosaur Bone. A specimen piece needs to be esthetically pleasing, which requires a combination of color, structure and form. Finding such material, especially pieces containing the vibrant colors, is very difficult. Art and jewelry, on the other hand, allow the craftsman to work with broken blocks and shards and select the finest from within. Fractures can be worked around, pitted regions can be avoided and poor structure or color development can be rejected. What is left is the best of the best. But even this is not enough to completely bring out the inner beauty of bone. Inspired craftsmanship and a warm, lustrous polish are required to make Agatized Dinosaur Bone come alive again. Remember, this material is 135,000,000 to 145,000,000 years old. What you have is a reincarnation of the magnificent creatures of the Late Jurassic Age.

As in the other galleries, I have included material that is already sold, or not available for sale (such as my wife's collection). The purpose is to give you a better idea of the range of colors and the variety of finished pieces. If you have any questions or requests, please contact me at: stonecarver@bonemasters.com.

All of the stones are first cut with diamond grinding wheels then hand polished through a series of sanding and polishing wheels/discs as opposed to tumble polished (which usually results in a poor, undercut finish).


Round Shield Earring
[Fig. 3-009a] Round Shield Earring
Agatized Bone 24 mm diameter
Top Lighting
Round Shield Earring
[Fig. 3-009c] Round Shield Earring
Agatized Bone 24 mm diameter
Back Lighting
Round Shield Earring
[Fig. 3-009b] Round Shield Earring
Agatized Bone 24 mm diameter
Top Lighting

These three photos of Round Shield Earrings are of the same set of stones taken with different lighting conditions.  The stone itself is of the Spiderweb variety, which has clear agate filling in the open pore spaces so that in a thin piece, you can see right through it. If you look carefully, you will see that each stone has a hole drilled through the top edge to accommodate a wire wrap and pierced ear finding. These can be cut out of any color dinosaur bone.


Twist Earring
[Fig. 5-007b] Twist Earring
Utah Agate ≈1-1/4" x 1/2"
Twist Pendant
[Fig. 5-004] Twist Pendant
Agatized Bone 2" x 1/2"
Twist Earring
[Fig. img15-1] Twist Earring
Agatized Bone ≈1-1/4" x 1/2"

Twist earrings and pendants are three or four sided pieces where each face is curved, much like a spiral staircase or helix. Twist earrings have one left-handed and one right-handed stone which makes a beautifully symmetrical set. It is quite difficult to photograph these stones due to the high polish. 

Laminated Earrings
[Fig. img06-1] Laminated Earrings 
(3 pieces of Dinosaur Bone); ≈ 3/4" x 1/2"
Laminated pieces are just that, various pieces of bone (and sometimes other materials) glued together to form patterns and color combinations not found in nature. (Remember, none of this material is altered in any way, all colors are natural.)
Laminated Brooch
[Fig. img16-1] Laminated Brooch Pin (11 pieces of Bone)
1-1/4" diameter; Set in Silver
Shield Pendant
[Fig. 5-011]; ≈ 2" x 1-1/16"
Agatized Bone with Peruvian Chrysoprase
Laminated Pendants/Earrings
[Fig. img08-1] Laminated Earrings/Pendants
Agatized Bone ≈ 1-1/2"

Sterling Silver Ring
Item 5-009; Dinosaur Bone
Sterling Silver Ring (Size 6-1/2)
Sterling Silver Ring
Item 5-009; Sterling Silver Ring
Sam's Ring
Sam's Ring; Dinosaur Bone
Cast Silver


Rings are not my forte, but I have made a few!

Ordering Information

If a particular piece does not have a "Buy Now" button, then unfortunately it is not available for sale. However, there is a possibility that I can provide a similar item even though it is not too likely that I can duplicate the exact color scheme. Please contact me at: stonecarver@bonemasters.com and we can discuss.  

Unless otherwise noted, the gold findings include (1) wire wrap using 14/20 gold-filled round wire, 1/2 hard, 24 gauge, (2) 14/20 gold-filled lever-back 0.32" ear wires, and/or (3) 14/20 gold-filled French-loop 0.32" ear wires. The silver findings include (1) wire wrap using sterling silver round wire 1/2-hard, 24 gauge, (2) sterling silver lever-back 0.30" ear wires, and/or (3) sterling silver French-loop 0.32" ear wires.

I usually mount the hanging (trapezoid) earrings with gold findings. If you select any hanging earring set and want the findings changed (gold/silver, lever-back/French loop), I will do so at no extra charge as long as you inform me at the time of purchase.

Also, if you are interested in any item but would like additional information or photos (i.e., reverse side) before purchasing, please contact me at: stonecarver@bonemasters.com and I will provide what you request. The item you are interested in will be held until you make a decision.

Thank You!!

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